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I found this video oddly moving. These games have always pushed my mind to bigger and better ideas. Some try to blame games for today’s violence. I say they have helped drive the human collective conciseness forward.

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verb • /frĭbˈəl/ • to waste; to fritter (something) away.

noun • a frivolity; a trifle; frivolous person.

As in: Ben felt his potential, even his intuition, was beginning to fribble.

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This whole Rolling Out of Bed at Noon thing is really killing my productivity… I am rather upset with myself for falling into such a terrible rut. I am being too lazy, too unproductive and wasting my time and skill set! I really need to change (read, grow up)!

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On a friend’s poor fake math

A good friend posted a new Farsebook photo album titled (RAH)² (AH)³ + [ROMA (1+MA)] + (GA)² + (OOH)(LA)². I quickly pointed out that her math didn’t make sense. It’s hard to say AH cubed, I’m not even sure it would be English. We had a short conversation going, I chimed in, “But seriously… use coefficients.”

To which one of her innumerable Fakebook friends replied, “[good friend] and I are both marketing people, math people don’t think outside the box. Where would this world be without some creative power.”

He had struck a sour note. I had to remind him, “Modern marketing wouldn’t exist without said “math people,” all technology comes from science… This includes: telegram, telephone, radio, television, satellites, cell phones, the internet, etc. We also gave you the bus stops where you can place your advertising mumbojumbo…”

He didn’t reply after that. I hope he didn’t think I was trying to be rude. I really wasn’t. I just wanted him to understand that people take for granted the gifts modern science has given us…

I have a computer in my pocket that sends signals to space and back in a matter of seconds. Seconds! THAT is thinking outside the box!

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